The new HIIT product launched by Impulse has been well received in the 2019 China Sport Show

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On May 23, 2019, China Sport Show opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. Impulse with new products to participate in the exhibition, attracted a large number of people to visit


This time, Impulse brought many new blockbuster products, especially "HI-ULTRA" series of equipment specially developed for HIIT sports needs, which aroused the high attention of the industry and the audience.


Right after the opening of the exhibition, the deputy director of General Administration of Sports, and the President of Sports Products Federation first visited the Impulse booth. They are interested in the product, and gave great feedback. The President of Impulse and Impulse Chief Engineer accompanied together in-depth understanding of Impulse new products. 


"HI-ULTRA" is a professional high-intensity intermittent training equipment series launched by Impulse this year. Adhering to the training concept of HIIT, it is helpful for trainers to achieve efficient, extreme cardio respiratory ability and impact speed, so as to acquire explosive running ability and cardio respiratory endurance. The series includes SKI&ROW, ULTRA BIKE and modular combined training station H-ZONE, which demonstrates the new way of HIIT equipment, and once again proves the R&D strength of Impulse in the field of professional fitness equipment.


HSR007 Multiple Training Machine (hereinafter referred to as SKI&ROW) is comprehensive multi-functional HIIT training equipment that innovatively combines the two training functions of skiing and rowing. The horizontal position of the rail can be used for rowing training, while the upright position of the rail can be used for skiing training and resistance training of core and upper limbs. The MARS mixed resistance system can meet the demands of rowing and skiing power training, and can also achieve conventional resistance training. With the help of hydraulic assisted folding function, SKI&ROW can be easily folded and released, it can save nearly half the area when it is folded, and also can be easily moved by the moving wheel. HSR007 skiing and rowing comprehensive training machine has rich training functions and flexible space arrangement, which is very suitable for HIIT training studio and residential user.


HB005 ULTRA BIKE has the characteristics of high power output and multi-joint compound training, which is one of the mainstream equipment used in HIIT training. HB005 fan blades are 30-50% more than similar competing products, with wider power output range, which can help users to touch higher training intensity. 26 ABS fan blades are formed in one piece, which is more stable than steel fan blades, solving the problems of looseness and noise caused by long-term use of steel fan blades. The ULTRA BIKE uses v-belt transmission, which is stable, no additional maintenance, reduce the maintenance cost; Aluminum alloy seat support frame and foot pedal are more corrosion resistant, effectively prevent sweat erosion. The console is embedded in 11 training modes, including four customized HIIT training modes, can fully meet the demand of the user's individualized training. At the same time, the console is equipped with a heart rate monitoring system, so the wearable devices such as heart rate belt can transmit heart rate information to monitoring platform in real time accurately to ensure the safety of exercise and improve the user training efficiency. HB005 ULTRA BIKE is easy to move and has no limit by electricity supply. It can be adapted to different environments such as: small fitness studio, public gym, residential use and so on.


Combined with HIIT's training characteristics, Impulse has developed a set of modular combined training stations -- H-ZONE, which can be used in public gyms, small fitness clubs, professional fitness studios, etc,. H-zone is designed based on the concept of modularization, flexibility, and diversification. The complete set of products consists of 4 functional modules, 5 external modules and 1 storage module, high utilization rate can meet various training requirements such as routine strength training, HIIT training and functional training.


In addition, Impulse has also displayed its star products such as EXOFORM, IT95, and IF93 strength series.  


Following the trend, Impulse has been committed to creating better fitness experience for users. Welcome interested friends to consult and experience!

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