Establishing the extraordinary-Impulse attended Taipei International Sporting Goods Show

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  From March 18-21, the 42th TaiSPO was held as scheduled in Taipei World Trade Center. As the second largest international sporting goods expo in Asia, the TaiSPO was founded in 1974. It serves for the sporting goods brands both in Mainland and Taiwan, and it is faced to the commercial and light commercial export markets. It is the export sales sporting goods expo that is most representative and has the longest history in Taiwan. It is also the best platform to help professional personnel to master the newest sporting products information and news. 

The products displayed in TaiSPO includes fitness equipment, skating equipment, water skiing goods, camp related goods, sporting clothes, gymnastic equipment, sports equipment and leisure activity related goods. It is known that the main visitors and purchasers attending TaiSPO are mainly from European, South American, North American and Asian counties, like America, South Korea, Japan, Australia, Thailand, India, Germany and Malaysia, etc. Since it is founded, the high quality sporting goods displayed in it are widely favored by people and it is an important purchase platform. 

  As one of Chinese brands that do not account for a large part in all attenders, Impulse exhibition booth develops from about 70sqm to over 300sqm since the first time when it attended the expo in 1998. Besides, new products are continuously displayed. In this expo, X-ZONE group advanced functional training station, Encore compact type commercial series, R900 touch screen series and other products are all displayed . What is worth mentioning is that the super-large touch screen treadmill and the luxury commercial strength training instrument that the color can be customized attract many visitors from home and abroad on their first display. People all praise their excellent user experience design.

  It is widely acknowledged that the TaiSPO is the wind indicator of sporting goods industry. In so many OEM enterprises, Impulse is a fitness equipment manufacture enterprise that owns its own independent brand. Our commercial products cover the strength training products and aerobic training products. We have strong technology forces and high manufacture level. Besides, we invite the designers that are famous in Europe and America to participate in product design and we are aimed to produce the fitness equipment that can lead industry direction and has unique characters. Impulse believes that attending every expo is establishing communication bridge with customers and that the expo is the platform for Impulse to establish the “extraordinary” leading company image. 

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