Displayed in FIBO held in Cologne, Germany, Impulse has established an “extraordinary”Chinese brand

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  Every year, in April, the global top enterprise decision-makers of this industry will come to Cologne, Germany to seek for innovative solutions and the newest information about gym center, fitness facilities, therapy and physical therapy center and hotel fields. As the largest commercial fitness market event of the whole world--the International Fitness and Leisure Products Expo (FIBO) was held in  Cologne, Germany on April 9 to 12 as planned. Hundreds of thousands of visitors and almost a thousand exhibitors attended this expo. Until now, the FIBO has been held for over 30 times and by far, it is the largest fitness facility and health products expo in the world. It may be said that all people’s eyes are fixed on this expo.
  As the leading company of Chinese fitness industry and the largest exhibitor among all domestic independent brands, Impulse has continuously come to Germany to attend the FIBO expo for over 10 years. In this year, the Impulse’s important products are all displayed in the expo, including X-ZONE group advanced functional training station, Encore compact type commercial series, R900 touch screen series and other star products. In Impulse’s all displayed products, the X-ZONE group advanced functional training station is the major and significant product because it leads a new fitness way and its modular design and humanized adjustment performance can fulfill the individual as well as the group’s fitness demands. In the hardware aspect, it is equipped with professional and high qualified equipment and accessories. In the software aspect, it is equipped with scientific exercise training and long-lasting after-sales services. We are aimed to establish the overall solution of “functional training”. The Encore compact type commercial series product owns artistic appearance design and can be easily maintained and repaired. Its design can meet the efficient space utilization demand put forward by customers. So it as praised as “the space master of  business fitness”. 

Impulse believes that attending every expo is establishing communication bridge with customers and that the expo is the platform for Impulse to establish the “extraordinary” leading company image. 

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