O-ZONE is outdoor fitness equipments which is integrates body weight training, functional training, core training, high intensity interval training (HIIT), circuit training and many other trainings. It provides a more efficient and professional outdoor exercise fitness site for young people and leads them to exercise in scientific way.

Combination Name Type Product Picture
Base station OZ7400 Mini Training System
OZ7600 Mini-plus Training System
OZ7800 Expansion Training System
OZ7100 All-round Training System
training component (as needed ) OZ5001 O-Zone Row
OZ5002 O-Zone Step
OZ5003 O-Zone Battle Rope Attachment
OZ5004 O-Zone Press
OZ5005 O-Zone Dip
OZ5006 O-Zone AB
OZ5007 O-Zone Pivot
OZ5008 O-Zone Wall Ball
OZ5009 O-Zone Boxing
Optional annexes OZ5010 OZ5010 o-zone billboard