ES7011   FID bench

Multiple adjustable bench


Key Features

  • 1

    Multiposition adjustment satisfies various exercise demands

  • 2

    Foldable and transportable unit for space saving

Specifications & Product Features
Dimensions 1440*525*490(mm)
Weight 34.3kg
Balance weight 200kg
Maximum User Weight 150kg
Product Features
Tubing 50*100 race-track tube
Shrouds Sturdy & duarble steel shrouds
Upholstery High-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability.
Cable Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber ensures service life more than 220 thousand times.
Adjustment Plug-in selector pin with lemon yellow color marked on
Handlebar TPR handlebar offers comfort and safe exercise