Dual functional equipment for working out musculus biceps and triceps brachii. The exerciser could effectively work out the upper arm strength through adduction and pushing after choosing appropriate weight and adjusting handle bar position.


Key Features

  • 1

    Ergonomicly designed 45° angled handle bar

  • 2

    Adjustable starting position offers wide range of motion

  • 3

    Extended handle accommodates various users for avoiding injury

Specifications & Product Features
Dimensions 1080*1207*1520(mm)
Weight 176.4kg
Weight Stack 77kg
Product Features
Advantage Dual functional series for space saving
Main frame 40mm×80mm*2.5mm race-track tube
Shrouds Translucent shrouds in PVC offers durable and shock resistance performance, which imeets the EN957 European safety standards
Upholstery High-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability.
Cable Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber ensures service life more than 220 thousand times.
Bottle Holder Bottle holder is for easy access
Adjustment Pre-stretch adjustment allows users to adjust upholstery easily within reach
Handlebar TPR handlebar with aluminium grip ring offers comfort and safe exercise.
Dynamic Components Safety cover is set for all pulleys, cable anchor and other dynamic components.