Impulse red moving China, hit the headlines!

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10 days

3000 "Impulse red" we-chat head portraits

50,000 red envelopes

1 million web hits

Impulse went "red"

Created a marketing legend in China’s fitness industry

From OEM to industry-renowned independent brand, Impulse has perfectly integrated the innovated fitness equipment with scientific fitness services, and built a complete industrial chain of Massive Health. At the beginning of the new year, Impulse first released its new Logo design in the public, and officially launched the brand strategy upgrading.

On 08, December, "light 2016" was internally released, CEO Karl Ding unveiled the new logo and brand positioning. Staff and fans spontaneously formed we-chat teams of "helping Impulse to hit headlines"; the countdown of poster appearance has attracted public’s enthusiasm and forwarding, circle of friends was instantly filled with news of "Impulse Red".

On December 31, the upgrading news was officially released on Impulse official we-chat and micro-blog, the customized animated short film "Impulse, red moving China 2016" has created a precedent for the industry, and gained attention and support from mass media and fitness VIP accounts!

Brand is crucial for the development of business. We understand the full range of health needs, as we’ve been focusing on quality and devoting ourselves to be a fitness expert that trusted by global consumers in 42 successive years. The Logo change is just the beginning, and we hope the brand strategy upgrading will bring us with new vitality and lead the industry.

2016 will be the brand year of Impulse, and we are willing to embrace the better tomorrow with a brand new look with industry partners hand in hand!

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