IT7001   SMITH

7° angled Smith machine for upper and lower body workout in linear bearing system.


Key Features

  • 1

    Ergonomicly designed 7° press angle offers effective workouts

  • 2

    40lbs counter weight helps beginner for effective workout and minimal injury

  • 3

    Dumbbells are easily stored.

Specifications & Product Features
Dimensions 2241*1326*2370(mm)
Weight 178kg
Product Features
Seat/back cushion High-density foam polymerization, featuring comfort and endurability
Tubing For commercial purpose, 50×100mm*2.5mm double oval tubes
Adjustment Push-type adjustment handle is installed at the bottom of seat and back cushion so that the user could make adjustment anytime.
Handlebar TPR handlebar cover, featuring comfort to handle
Foot pad Rubber foot pad, preventing from slide