The specially designed IF9301 Chest Press trains chest muscles and triceps. User selects a appropriate weight and a comfortable position of seat pad, then to push the handle bars to effectively train their chest muscles and arms.


Key Features

  • 1

    Assisted foot support allows user to effectively control their strength from starting to the end of exercise, helps to prevent sports injuries.

  • 2

    Dual hand grips design meets training demands of various users.

  • 3

    Adjustable seat position accommodates different users' height.

Specifications & Product Features
Dimension (L*W*H) 1040x1360x1530 (mm)
Product weight 97.1kg
Weight stack 91kg
Optional weight stack 72kg\106kg \134kg
Product Features
Tubing Tube of main frame is primarily at thickness 2.5mm, functional parts uses 50*100 rectangular tube, which make the whole unit more powerful.
Shroud The cage is adopted with single sided ABS tranlecent plastics (the front shroud is optional)with excellent durability and impact resistance. The injection molded plastics provide higher stability.
Upholstery Chest pad, back pad and seat cushion are adopted with polymer material, which fit for physical structure and motion of human,ensure safety and comfortable in using condition.
Cable Durable cable ensures use of more than 250 thousand times.
Cup holder Cup holder is intergrated with design of the overall cage , which makes cage sample and clean.
Adjustment The beautiful designed adjustment is adopted with stainless steel tubing, which increases its service life.
Handles Ergonomic handle bars are adopted with TPV materials, making it more comfortable in using condition. Designed with aluminum ring that makes the handle bars more concise and elegant.
Fastener All standard components are made from galvanized or stainless steel materials ensuring the quality of products.
Pre Stretch Pre stretch helps users to start training easily.
Pulley Adopted with high-end pulley with bearing of less tolerance ensuring smooth movement.
Safety Meet EN957 safety regulation