IFABM   ab/back machine

Dual functional equipment for working out erector spinae. The exerciser could effectively work out back muscle by straitening the back after loading appropriate weight.


Key Features

  • 1

    Adjustable leg curl foam roller accommodate different users

  • 2

    Compact design for space saving

Specifications & Product Features
Dimensions 1380*541*441(mm)
Weight 28.5kg
Product Features
Tubing 50.8*76.2mm*2.5mm square tube
Shrouds Translucent ABS shroud for structural stabilization and avoiding deformation
Upholstery High-density poly-foam offers comfort and endurability.
Stable Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fiber ensures service life more than 220 thousand times.
Adjustment Easy to adjust and convenient to use
Handlebar Comfortable plastic dipping handle bar